Hello! My name is George Fencik, President/CEO
and I personally welcome you to our website.

I started using the IMPROVE
® TOOTHBRUSH in 1980 and was so impressed, purchased the rights to it.
What a difference this has made in my family’s
excellent oral hygiene methods and plaque reduction!

WEBSTERS definition of Improve (im-proov’)
To make or become better; to increase productivity of.

This clearly identifies the benefits and results of our product!

Just brushing your teeth is not good enough. And, that is exactly one of the major reasons why our product was developed by a well-known dentist-a periodontist.

You see, the explanation is fairly simple. If you don’t position bristles over your teeth at the gumline, then plaque, gingivitis and other periodontal diseases will occur.

This is exactly the conclusion many other periodontist observed. Their patients (who already came in with a problem) didn’t know how to position their bristles correctly. The solution was a simple and very effective means of instructing patients using a unique patented “DEEP-V-GROOVE” design to encourage good oral hygiene practices at home.

Today.... THE IMPROVE® TOOTHBRUSH continues to be the only one that features a unique and exclusive
               DEEP V-GROOVE bristle design.

How important is this...the most important step is to correctly position your bristles for cleaning of all tooth surfaces and also reaching into the gumline to help reduce plaque and periodontal disease. It is also the easiest, most-effective toothbrush you’ll ever use.

This is the method that is recommended by the American Dental Association and used by dental professionals

Since our introduction in 1984, millions of satisfied patients worldwide have been using THE IMPROVE® TOOTHBRUSH and have experienced the difference. The good news, your dental professional will see the results during your next examination.

THE IMPROVE® TOOTHBRUSH is professionally recommended then provided to you by your own dental professional and also used by thousands of dentist and dental hygientists.

THE IMPROVE® TOOTHBRUSH is available at selected drug stores, mail-order catalogs and by a special direct-purchase program from our company. We look forward to processing your order and adding your name to our growing list of satisfied customes, including many popular TV, Movie, Recording, Government and Business personalities.

Improve® Toothbrush - The “Original” Deep V-Groove Design.... since 1984

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